Monday, January 23, 2012

The tech Evolution

I've been in the digital computer/telecom "tech" business since I left school. But my attachment to anything tech related goes back to my Atari 2600 and then onto my Commodore 64, the road has personally been interesting and extremely rewarding

With my first exposure to online communities in about 1990 and with that also a beginning interest in anything telecom which had some sort of interaction with computers. During these years you get to see the hype/cool thing that everybody must/should do and of course how/why this is a money maker.
Most of the time things seem to be recycled every so often, one of my favorite ones is the good old "Media Convergence".

To me, Media Convergence goes back to my beloved old Amiga, the Amiga was supposed to be the ultimate multimedia convergence device. It had better sound and graphics than almost anything else in the world at that time, regardless of price, especially in the home segment. Most people today have no clue what an Amiga is or was, but Media Convergence is still flung around like its the newest most creative idea  somebody has had the last 6 months.

So what is the Media Convergence device/thing today, well Sony wants it to be their Playstation 3 or maybe one of their new Bravia's with GoogleTV support. Microsoft got their XBox 360 and Media versions of Windows. Apple looks to be going the other way, iTunes is the converged delivery platform. The iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices are just the displays. Google wants to be all over the place, with Chrome, Android and ChromeOS.

But do we really want to do everything with/from the same device?

My phone is for when I am mobile, but it can not replace the experience of watching a movie on my 42" TV nor going to the movies.
The iPad replaces my laptop to some degree in a better way than my phone, but its the semi mobile device, but its not a very mobile device.
The laptop is for "real" work and not just keeping up to date. The iPad for networking debugging or creating documents, don't think so.
Desktop computer is for my office work, it just offer so much bang for the buck that its a better way for me to work in general.

PS3/Xbox360, gaming is great, watching movies etc is also great, but what happens when somebody wants to watch a movie, someone else wants to watch tv and then again others wants to game?

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