Monday, April 1, 2013

My code will never be the seed for Singularity

I think it was on Twitter it was trending, at least in the more nerdy circles, that you should post your oldest search result on Google.

Well I got two from the same year, 1997, not that old, but still.

The first one is this one on the mSQL mailing list, it is now in a yahoo group archive it seems.
I remember discovering mSQL (and then porting my projects to MySQL) back in those days, it was such a great feeling having your OWN SQL server. Especially after battling the 50 concurrent user license crap that was enforced on the Oracle system in college.
The  license cost was so high, that the student body and the administration shared those seats, so basically when we did work for projects or papers, we needed to schedule time and then the administration could not use the system..... This was 1997 not 1967 zzzz

Imagine the mindblowing experience of having your own server (okay, not all of you will understand this euphoria, but...) with no access limitation, there was that bit about features, but your where just a lazy DBA/Programmer if you needed views, sub queries etc :P

The second entry is a paper/project this group in school did, to implement a system for Table reservations in restaurants over the Internet. At that time bleeding edge internet for the common folks was ISDN Dial-up, so that was an requirement I think and it was all centralised.

The project is 3 parts I think, 1. system design, 2. code and 3. documentation.
I guess we would standby the 1 and 3 (how bad can it be?) but 2? No way Jose.
I'll do as Bill Clinton, claim no relationship at all, sexual or other wise.
I would deny it more fervently than Peter denied knowing Jesus, even if it morphed into being the basis for Singularity, I would not raise my hand if somebody enquired about it's origin.

So Internet wise, I can officially be tracked back to 1997, so who was I before 1997, am I really me? Or did a I do an old school identity theft and became me sometime before 1997 when you can pick up my presence on the ol world wide web....

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