Monday, April 1, 2013

My code will never be the seed for Singularity

I think it was on Twitter it was trending, at least in the more nerdy circles, that you should post your oldest search result on Google.

Well I got two from the same year, 1997, not that old, but still.

The first one is this one on the mSQL mailing list, it is now in a yahoo group archive it seems.
I remember discovering mSQL (and then porting my projects to MySQL) back in those days, it was such a great feeling having your OWN SQL server. Especially after battling the 50 concurrent user license crap that was enforced on the Oracle system in college.
The  license cost was so high, that the student body and the administration shared those seats, so basically when we did work for projects or papers, we needed to schedule time and then the administration could not use the system..... This was 1997 not 1967 zzzz

Imagine the mindblowing experience of having your own server (okay, not all of you will understand this euphoria, but...) with no access limitation, there was that bit about features, but your where just a lazy DBA/Programmer if you needed views, sub queries etc :P

The second entry is a paper/project this group in school did, to implement a system for Table reservations in restaurants over the Internet. At that time bleeding edge internet for the common folks was ISDN Dial-up, so that was an requirement I think and it was all centralised.

The project is 3 parts I think, 1. system design, 2. code and 3. documentation.
I guess we would standby the 1 and 3 (how bad can it be?) but 2? No way Jose.
I'll do as Bill Clinton, claim no relationship at all, sexual or other wise.
I would deny it more fervently than Peter denied knowing Jesus, even if it morphed into being the basis for Singularity, I would not raise my hand if somebody enquired about it's origin.

So Internet wise, I can officially be tracked back to 1997, so who was I before 1997, am I really me? Or did a I do an old school identity theft and became me sometime before 1997 when you can pick up my presence on the ol world wide web....

Monday, January 23, 2012

If you are not making the progress that you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.

Last year, no that's not correct, at the end of 2010 I got an iPad. But within a couple of months I forgot it on an airplane and then it was gone.

Some time during 2011, I bought an Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, as the latest fix to my gadget addiction.
Now after using it for, ohh a good chunk of time, I thought about my usage of it and other devices.
During the day, I work with computer networks and for that you need computers. I have been unsuccessful in integrating the tablet into my work.
Its okay for taking notes, reading emails and some internet surfing, but as of yet, it can not replace my laptop. I have to have my laptop to do my job, so why drag along the tablet when my laptop covers all my  needs.

The short version is,

The laptop does it all.

The tablet lets me surf the internet, read emails, read twitter, read books etc, its a device I get information from, but it really slows down my productivity if I try put some information back into the world. Even short 140 chars Twitter posts are cumbersome to write.

The mobile phone is fighting for the same usage space in my daily life, the only thing the tablet does better is, reading books (kindle app) and surfing the web, but just barely.

I came to this realization when we where planning some new webpage at work, I thought about my usage of the internet and wanted the new things we are working on to cater to my usage, ##%# focus groups :)
My usage basically is, I stay updated through my phone and to a degree the tablet, but if I want to contribute anything more than short messages that's comfortable to write on my phone, I need a real keyboard.

Question we are facing, how to get the me to write more on the go or get me to come back and write later. Because I will not comment or write anything more than a tweet size message on my phone or tablet. Is voice input the holy grain, will the voice controlled Star Trek computer be the solution?
And will that make me dump my trusty old battered laptop?

Title is a quote from Paul J. Meyer

The tech Evolution

I've been in the digital computer/telecom "tech" business since I left school. But my attachment to anything tech related goes back to my Atari 2600 and then onto my Commodore 64, the road has personally been interesting and extremely rewarding

With my first exposure to online communities in about 1990 and with that also a beginning interest in anything telecom which had some sort of interaction with computers. During these years you get to see the hype/cool thing that everybody must/should do and of course how/why this is a money maker.
Most of the time things seem to be recycled every so often, one of my favorite ones is the good old "Media Convergence".

To me, Media Convergence goes back to my beloved old Amiga, the Amiga was supposed to be the ultimate multimedia convergence device. It had better sound and graphics than almost anything else in the world at that time, regardless of price, especially in the home segment. Most people today have no clue what an Amiga is or was, but Media Convergence is still flung around like its the newest most creative idea  somebody has had the last 6 months.

So what is the Media Convergence device/thing today, well Sony wants it to be their Playstation 3 or maybe one of their new Bravia's with GoogleTV support. Microsoft got their XBox 360 and Media versions of Windows. Apple looks to be going the other way, iTunes is the converged delivery platform. The iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices are just the displays. Google wants to be all over the place, with Chrome, Android and ChromeOS.

But do we really want to do everything with/from the same device?

My phone is for when I am mobile, but it can not replace the experience of watching a movie on my 42" TV nor going to the movies.
The iPad replaces my laptop to some degree in a better way than my phone, but its the semi mobile device, but its not a very mobile device.
The laptop is for "real" work and not just keeping up to date. The iPad for networking debugging or creating documents, don't think so.
Desktop computer is for my office work, it just offer so much bang for the buck that its a better way for me to work in general.

PS3/Xbox360, gaming is great, watching movies etc is also great, but what happens when somebody wants to watch a movie, someone else wants to watch tv and then again others wants to game?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The future of books?

Christmas has gone by and some days of rest has been used, which basically means food, family, friends and reading time for me.

Having been lured into the Cult of Jobs and forsaken paper based books for kindle and ibooks on an iPad. I've spent to much time browsing amazon for ebooks to get.
Then somebody I follow on twitter linked to Cory Doctorow's latest release, , which is free as in beer. So as the cheap guy I am, I downloaded the ePub version onto my iPad.
Now, I know of Cory Doctorow, but I have never read any of his stuff, I do not know why, but there seems to have been a certain "it" missing that would make me read it.
And I would probably would not have read it, I currently on read one story and the "essay" by the agent. If it was not for the fact it was mentioned that Mark Shuttleworth had commissoned the a story, I like Ubuntu and I probably got a lower membership number in the Cult of Shuttleworth/Ubuntu than in the Cult of Jobs.

Now the story was very much to my liking, but I also read the next chapter, that was penned by Doctorow's literary agent Russel Galen. And the "essay" was the big eye opner to me, especially the following part:

Publishing economics are ridiculous. Suppose we'd sold this volume to a conventional publisher, and let's call it a $15.95 trade paperback. The author's share would be 7.5% of the cover price, or $1.17. We're leaving 92.5% -- $14.78 -- to bookstores and publishers. There's no room to negotiate a better share for the author because most of that $14.78 goes to people who won't reduce their shares: bookstores, paper suppliers, printers, warehouses, shippers, the owner of the publisher's office building, taxes, and so on.

Now if an author is left with 7.5% of the cover price and most likely Doctorow wold get some what more than an unknown writer. There must be a way or model for the author to collect the same amount of money through other channels? The math is not that hard, to earn 10k with a cover price of 15, todays model dictates that you need to sell 8889 copies.
But lets say you drop the price to 7.5, ie 50% and the author gets to keep 5 and 2.50 is for the cost of digital distribution and payment then the author only needs to sell 2000 copies to earn 10000.

So why are there not more sites promoting ebooks for authors, not everybody cares for the New York Times best seller list, I usually go for my friends suggestions and other word of mouth avenues already, independant web sites would be just as good for me.
With no upsell needs, just "pure" recommendation of ebooks only.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Damn right I got the blues

These are not very good, but I wrote them and I'll stick by it, also by storing them on the cloud somebody else might read them...


She was perfect

Actually she was far from perfect.
Yet again she was perfect, I couldnt explain, I still cant.
But my heart skipped a beat each time I laid my eyes on her.
One instance she made me feel like I was in paradis,
and like with a flick of a switch or maybe more like a snap of the fingers,
I was in black hole I couldnt get out of.

Each day I looked at her, saw imperfections normal to any human
and still tought she was the most beautiful woman on this earth.
Wether she dressed for a special occasion, casual clothing
or just walking around the apartement in a sweat suit,
she was still the most perfect woman on this planet.

I woke up with her by my side everyday for awhile,
when I ever I looked over at her, she just seemed to shine.
Or maybe illuminate is a better word, I dont know,
she was blinding, she still is the times I see her.
When our paths cross, instead of my life flashing in front of me,
she does in all the variations and looks she got from the I am tired and hungover
to the hello world look at me I am beatiful and the outcome is still the same

She is perfect

I dont know, is it the way she looks, the way she moves,
the way she speaks, the way she is?
All I know, is that she touched me deeply and crushed me easily.


I am alone
I like it alone
I sit alone as time fly
Days go by while I'm alone
I like it alone
I want to be alone
Do I miss somebody?
YES! I want somebody
But I want to be alone
Alone is good
No highs or lows that implodes your heart
Just alone
And the slow trickle of a bleeding heart


Paris broken?

When I broke I was dreaming of Paris.
Not sure if it was Rick and Elsa's rainy gloom black and white Paris.
Or Nikita's junkie desperate garish Paris, maybe even disastrous Paris trip with the x.
But it was painful Paris.

Then again, maybe it was the pain of being broken.....

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

My "15 minutes of fame",  @ 3:59 - 4:09 and 5:35 - 5:39 so where is my Oscar? :P

Friday, October 8, 2010

Peace and Business Norwegian style

I've never heard of Liu Xiaobo before he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but I assume that since he "won" the award this year, he has done or does something to bring about peace in the world.

China thinks he is a criminal and claims he should not be given the prize,  but my convoluted mind went into conspiracy high alert, when Norwegian media started running stories that China would terminate a new trade agreement deal that was being brokered between China and Norway. Especially when our foreign minister stays calm and says China has no reason punish Norway for this, because the Nobel committee is independent and not under the Norwegian government influence. 
Which is a bit to cool, especially after the minister of Trade and Industry in the past has highlighted it as important for Norway.

Now is this just Norwegian political infighting going on? Or did Norway want to back out of the trade agreement, but let China take the blame? 
Who knows, but I know that many people have voiced concerns about Huawei being the LTE vendor for Telenor (incumbent telco) and what security implications that might have. And according to the latest rumors in the telco business is that Huwei has been kicked out and the "official" reason is that the equipment does not work. 
When the ***** does one spread the rumour with a highlighted official reason tagged on? 

From what I have heard Huawei, can be a bit of a handful to cooperate with if your not experienced with dealing with Chinese culture, but I never heard that Telenor done an equipment does not work 180 on a vendor like this. Especially if their sticking with their LTE is for 2012 goal.