Thursday, September 30, 2010

The upgrade path for your phone will depend on the specific device, manufacturer, operator, and region.

Flash for Android, whether you think its the best thing since sliced bread or the worst thing since something bad :)
The distribution model is utterly broken, fine you need a minimum level of hardware and os requirement, but adding operator and region requirements? Come on its a globalized world, barriers like that is so yesterday in the day of the Internet.

That is the old way of doing it, the broken way they do it with movies and tv series and what not. But Adobe is pushing this stuff out over the internet why the restriction on region and operator?

If we look into the entertainment world, there are tons of service to stream or rent movies and tv's online, but its region based due to old archaic licensing rules made for yesterdays world.
The ones that get global distribution working from a technical standpoint and licensing point of view, probably will be the big media conglomerate of the future.
And if things keeps going as they are, it will not be a western company, mainly because their stuck in their old ways. Many interesting things are going on with OTT delivery and the ones leading the pack are currently not Hollywood based, but they do have the rights for doing Bollywood OTT which probably is better considering their target market segment.
Niche and cultural content will most likely get these companies of the ground and when they have a working delivery vehicle, then the content world is your oyster.

So if their model is  able to deliver none western entertainment across the internet with an OTT model, will they end up being bought by traditional western media or will it be the other way around?

Who ever said content is king, probably lives in a cave, without the delivery vehicle your out of the game, content + delivery are the regents, who will turn out be our new king and queen and where is the kingmaker?

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