Friday, October 8, 2010

Peace and Business Norwegian style

I've never heard of Liu Xiaobo before he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but I assume that since he "won" the award this year, he has done or does something to bring about peace in the world.

China thinks he is a criminal and claims he should not be given the prize,  but my convoluted mind went into conspiracy high alert, when Norwegian media started running stories that China would terminate a new trade agreement deal that was being brokered between China and Norway. Especially when our foreign minister stays calm and says China has no reason punish Norway for this, because the Nobel committee is independent and not under the Norwegian government influence. 
Which is a bit to cool, especially after the minister of Trade and Industry in the past has highlighted it as important for Norway.

Now is this just Norwegian political infighting going on? Or did Norway want to back out of the trade agreement, but let China take the blame? 
Who knows, but I know that many people have voiced concerns about Huawei being the LTE vendor for Telenor (incumbent telco) and what security implications that might have. And according to the latest rumors in the telco business is that Huwei has been kicked out and the "official" reason is that the equipment does not work. 
When the ***** does one spread the rumour with a highlighted official reason tagged on? 

From what I have heard Huawei, can be a bit of a handful to cooperate with if your not experienced with dealing with Chinese culture, but I never heard that Telenor done an equipment does not work 180 on a vendor like this. Especially if their sticking with their LTE is for 2012 goal.

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