Saturday, October 9, 2010

Damn right I got the blues

These are not very good, but I wrote them and I'll stick by it, also by storing them on the cloud somebody else might read them...


She was perfect

Actually she was far from perfect.
Yet again she was perfect, I couldnt explain, I still cant.
But my heart skipped a beat each time I laid my eyes on her.
One instance she made me feel like I was in paradis,
and like with a flick of a switch or maybe more like a snap of the fingers,
I was in black hole I couldnt get out of.

Each day I looked at her, saw imperfections normal to any human
and still tought she was the most beautiful woman on this earth.
Wether she dressed for a special occasion, casual clothing
or just walking around the apartement in a sweat suit,
she was still the most perfect woman on this planet.

I woke up with her by my side everyday for awhile,
when I ever I looked over at her, she just seemed to shine.
Or maybe illuminate is a better word, I dont know,
she was blinding, she still is the times I see her.
When our paths cross, instead of my life flashing in front of me,
she does in all the variations and looks she got from the I am tired and hungover
to the hello world look at me I am beatiful and the outcome is still the same

She is perfect

I dont know, is it the way she looks, the way she moves,
the way she speaks, the way she is?
All I know, is that she touched me deeply and crushed me easily.


I am alone
I like it alone
I sit alone as time fly
Days go by while I'm alone
I like it alone
I want to be alone
Do I miss somebody?
YES! I want somebody
But I want to be alone
Alone is good
No highs or lows that implodes your heart
Just alone
And the slow trickle of a bleeding heart


Paris broken?

When I broke I was dreaming of Paris.
Not sure if it was Rick and Elsa's rainy gloom black and white Paris.
Or Nikita's junkie desperate garish Paris, maybe even disastrous Paris trip with the x.
But it was painful Paris.

Then again, maybe it was the pain of being broken.....

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